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Kate Gosselin…looks like she should be on my Facebook

April 1, 2010

Doesn't she look like a normal person? Like you should see her pics in your News Feed?

While using the term daily travels to its fullest, Kate Gosselin stops and smiles at an LA airport on Monday (said via People, April 1).

The original “octo-mom” travels weekly from her home-state of Pennsylvania to LA to fit in practice for DWTS and help manage the kids (with the assistance of a babysitter and Jon, of course).

Gosselin received a low score on “Dancing” the first time around, but, and not by surprise, she has a HUGE supportive fan-base that kept her from going home. Former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star Shannon Doherty was elimated in the first round.


Photos: Kate Gosselin’s New ‘Do

March 11, 2010

Gosselin is photog'd leaving a New York restaurant with DWTS's partner Tony Dovolani (March 10).

Gosselin and Dovolani head towards a limo in New York.


Photos: Kate Gosselin’s “Dancing With The Stars” promos

March 7, 2010


Kate Gosselin: In New York and Beautiful in Sweats

March 6, 2010

Gosselin looks great with new hair and a new step!

The mother of 8 walks amidst New York City with “Dancing With The Stars'” partner Tony Dovolani (a very happy Tony Dovolani, at that).

Though the stars have been practicing for weeks, DWTS’s line-up was announced days prior (March 1) and its Season 10 premiere airs March 22 on ABC.


Kate Gosselin glows in LA

March 2, 2010

Miss Kate Gosselin arrives glowing at a” Dancing With The Stars” party in Los Angeles (March 2).

The reality star and mother of 8 is one of 11 new contestants named on Season 10 of the show (said via

Season 10 of ABC’s hit series airs March 22 on ABC.


Photo of Jon Gosselin and “new girlfriend” emerges

January 15, 2010

Many critics of the Gosselin family would say that Jon Gosselin moves too fast and he did prove such critics wrong as a photograph of he and new girlfriend, Morgan Christie (25), hit the Internet on January 11.** Gosselin parted with former girlfriend Hailey Glassman in November.***

According to, Gosselin was spotted having dinner with Christie, her mother, and other members of her family during on a snowboarding vacation in Park City, Utah.

Whether the photo (above) relates to the family outing is uncertain, but a source tells People that Gosselin seemed nervous, but that his body language said otherwise, suggesting that Gosselin had met Christie’s family before.

Christie, according to People and, is a 2007 graduate of Emory University and once worked at a law firm in Santa Barbara. She was engaged to another Emory alum, Connor Humphreys, in early 2009, but the relationship ended a few months prior.

****4) Photo:


Jon Gosselin wishes for normalcy

August 25, 2009

Despite his trips to Europe and dates with random women, Jon Gosselin wishes he had never become famous. The father of 8 stated in an interview (with an unknown source) that, “I wish I had a 9 to 5 job instead of the nightmare I’m living. …I don’t even want to do taping for the show anymore.”**

Whether this truth or rumor is only known to Jon, but the newly single father is making promotional appearances, at various venues, to support his two homes and 8 children.

In summary, I believe the Gosselin family experienced fame too fast. They became a national frenzy overnight and were not aware of the stings that come with celebrity. Although both Kate and Jon can now provide for their children separately, their 10-year marriage has ended—an idea that their children have yet to comprehend.

All in all, I applaud Jon for moving on and Kate for protecting her children. A wise woman once told me a phrase that relates to life and stability: “Excessive fame should be lived by those that have nothing to lose.” If the Gosselins had knew this, the only nightmare they would experience is cleaning the house after dinner.