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My 42♥

March 31, 2010

Inspired by a Coldplay song

You think when she died
that she actually died?
Like…I know she stopped breathing
but maybe the breathing was all that humans were supposed to see;
just an artificial show, for loved ones to recognize that their love is gone,
but that doesn’t mean that she is dead.
How can one be dead
if they’re always on your mind?
I think about her everyday
like she’s sitting right next to me.
I have daily conversations with her
tell her when my Dad’s getting on my nerves
or when I blew a test.
She’s not dead
she can’t be;
she’s in my head, constantly.
I guess “angel” is the sweet way of looking at it
She’s my hear-and-now companion
I can’t feel her
but she’s in my mind
and I see her beautiful face everyday
She guides my daily decisions
and carries me
when the world makes me stumble
A hug would be nice
but her apartment in my mind is wayyy cooler

…Echo de menos la dulce alma lanzó♥
In my mind is where she’ll stay♥


Cool3 Valentine

January 26, 2010

It’s not as easy as Beyoncé says
“Those walls I built”
did come tumbling down
but not as easily.
Me: beaten, battered and bruised
in every sense of the term
and I brought it all to you….
I didn’t know how to handle it
You ignored it
grew with it
later detested it
And I was gone….

4 weeks of growing loneliness
in every sense of the term
I grew without you
I grew without me
And became a new me.
I was happy
lowered bait
And you came back.
I was sick
you fed me
And I grew back.

You shook more sense into my head than
a psychologist could
And ya did it without pay
which is always really good.
I struggled
You fought
I lost lives
You gave more
And I came of age.
…Scratch that.
Am coming of age ’cause
there’s still a ways to go.

I’m open
growing more
you love it
and I do too.
I love you
and that’s been there
has been there
and always will be there.

You’ve become that “Haitian prince” with
a weird haircut
that matches mine.
We can grow our hair together and hopefully
our kids will be fatter than us….

Te amo, baby 😀


Weird, I Know….

August 21, 2009

I got a low cut.
Look like a boy, on the side
but a long string of curls
or a mohawk
will hang from the front.

I like graphic tees
and tight jeans.
I got a Transformers shirt,
A shirt that says “Wifey,”
and a plaid tee that’s faded.

My toes are bright;
My nails are long;
My converses can fill an entire closet.

I’m weird!
I know this.
I love this.
…It might be a fad
but fuck it
I like.
You talkin’ trash
is not hurtin’ me
’cause I’m not
doin’ this
to please you.
So whatever satisfaction
you got
from trashin’ me
is bull
and you’re trash
for sayin’ it.

I’ve may have
changed my look
since graduation
your mentality
sure hasn’t.


Let his head drop, Not your’s….

July 14, 2009

“It’s like he disappeared.”
That’s something I’d expect to hear from
but hearing it from my former comrades
is hard….
Knowing that we’re grown women and men
and people still treat us like high school hopefuls
is disgusting

All the advice in the world
doesn’t prepare you for
a heart that wasn’t supposed to break
It’s like…I gave them
99% percent of me
and I’m left with

Didn’t mean to give you my all
but seemed like you were
giving me your’s
…so I gave in
fell in a trap
and you sprung free
…Now I gotta rebuild
from the 1% I was left with
…[You] don’t know you have that 99%
but something ’bout you changed to
not want me

remind me that
…life went on
but it didn’t leave me behind
…forced me to move forward

Countless tears won’t bring your sympathy
so let me shed them for closure
so I can forget bout you
…Time to
build a life around not clinging to someone
who doesn’t clung to me

…My goal of getting that paper was slightly
deferred by you
and now
I’m only getting it faster
…Not saying that money’ll love me
but suckas like you
that don’t give a fuck
won’t stop my roll

The role of life only gets bigger
I got my part
yet you don’t know what a stage looks like

As I walk onstage to win my Oscar
I hope you’re the paparazzi
standing outside
I hope you’re the one I give a finger to
as I walk to my limousine
and drive off into the life of
the real
the success
the blessed
the good

Hearing my girl say
“It’s like he disappeared”
is heart wreching
but I advised her to
get up and get gone
…He had no problem
doing it
without voice
…Pour them tears
Dry your face
Get back to your day-job;

Your job is to make sure you can provide for you
before any dick can provide your pleasure

…Make his head SCREAM
Don’t ever let your’s fall


Had me at “Hello”?? …No.

July 11, 2009

Dude ever had you at “Hello”?
Strong statement, isn’t it?
…From the moment he opened his mouth,
you were sold?
That sort’ve inconceivable
I mean, you most likely knew nothing bout the man
His highlights
His faults
His triumphs
His failures
Whether he likes Pepsi or Coke
As dumb as that sounds
it’s often the little things
that win a man’s heart

Females forget that
in addition to the pussy
…if you come home
set the TV to his favorite channel
cook his favorite meal
organize his messy files
and lay out his favorite off-of-work outfit
all BEFORE he walks in the door
…yall will be fucking a night

Take the time to know his pet peeves
and don’t do them
…as long as they’re not hindering you
you’ve now bettered life for him and yourself

If you’re with a man
your should have your life in order
you’re standing your ground
he knows that
and now it’s time to put someone before yourself
Your God is already on high
so a man above you
is not unprioritized
because he’s put you before himself
way before you recognized
the little things

When he first said “Hi”
you were hooked on the little things
…now, it’s something you know
and adhere in your life
you’re not doing it to keep him
you’re doing it to better him
and your relationship with God

God made him the way he is
…You recognizing what God has done
is only bringing you closer to his castle


No Attachments

June 29, 2009

Lost my Focus when I was 10
Daddy took the stability when he left
A couple of visits, phone calls and cash was my fatherly figure
Reading poetry beyond my years was his way of showing that his child was smart
Went to his house 5 times since he left
Still don’t know his house number
And that’s all it was for 6 years
No quality time
Just show-off time

Called me an idiot when I didn’t make NHS
Made me work harder, smarter and worrisome ’til I did
Then college became a money factor when he realized that I wasn’t the only smart girl in the world
My major…stupid
My school…too much
Staying on campus…what for?
All the crazy things he’s said to keep his money from me were ignored ’cause I wanted a Daddy, not a pocketbook

Asking for money for anything seemed like pulling teeth
Headaches and nightmares and crying sessions became the norm
Grown ass woman…got into one of the best schools in the nation, but that didn’t matter
It’s not the field of his choice and not in his price range, so I’m screwed
That pissed me off

I finally decided to say “F*ck You” and choose the school and major of my liking
Imma perfect my work and party my ass off and it’s nothing you can do about it ’cause I’m not letting you contribute to sh*t

Never thought my Dad would be a hater…but I gotta grow up, sometime
He was never Daddy, just him
And that’s fine with me


For a song that relates to this topic, download “Anymore” by Emmy Rossum, and follow her on Twitter: @emmyrossum

“I will not let you define everything I am by one thing that I don’t have…’cause I’m more than that. …I will not be ashamed of my name, anymore.” 🙂


Stops the Growth….

June 24, 2009

I try to grow
but then the clingy-ness starts
and it stops the growth.
…I want to be
yesterday’s successor
wear the crown on my head
but when I clutch him like a glove
I get rags, instead.
…I can’t stand clingy b*tches
can’t live without they man
but where am I at 4 days a week?
…I guess I’ll never understand.
…I know I’m not the only being seeking attention
but when it comes to his privacy
it’s something I don’t even mention.
…I don’t wanna be the clingy, stuck-up b*tch
that screams out “no love”
…but that takes time and patience
which I got a lot of;
when I sit and think about it
I’m the one I’m annoyed of.
…It’s sick…I get mad when he wants his own
but I need shut up ’cause it’s part of being grown.
…I’m 20-years-old, still seeking the teenage life
but the fact that I wrote this poem notates progression of a strife.

…I’m Doing [not trying] it!!!