Pamela Seaton

I am a dedicated, hard-working individual who is determined to succeed in any situation. Due to my experience in retail, I am very “customer friendly” and always willing to help someone further their agenda. I love to and am quick at learning new things, but challenges are never an issue. I am seeking a position that is prone to challenges, to better my skills in the years ahead.

Basic Information

Address available upon request
Phone: 484-574-6679
Email: pamela.seaton7@gmail.com
Web Address: http://pammiepedia.com


2009 – Present :
Temple University
1801 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
GPA: 3.5

2007 – 2009 :
Saint Joseph’s University
5600 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395
GPA: 3.2

2003 – 2007 :
High School Diploma
Archbishop Prendergast High School
401 N. Lansdowne Ave
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
GPA: 4.0

Senior Editor of “The Miter”
Vice President of The 2400 Club
Senior Leader of Respect Life

Work Experience

July 2009 – Present:
Claims Assistant/Student Intern
Pension Management Center
Department of Veterans Affairs
5000 Wissahickon Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19101

Filing paperwork for retired and/or deceased veterans is my main task. I am appointed a stack of “batches”—or bundles of paperwork—each night and am asked to enter the veterans’ information into a program called CapturePoint, which holds the veterans’ scanned documents. I do not scan the documents myself, but I do verify that all of the correct documentation is scanned and placed into the appropriate online folder. On occasion, I hold phone conversations with the claimants of and/or veterans to verify each party’s information. All of this work is completed under the supervision of five or six coaches, depending on the cycle of supervision.

Sept. 2008 – May 2009 :
Barbelin Hall, Room 34
Saint Joseph’s University
5600 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Scheduling presentations for professors was my main task. I answered phone calls and carried equipment, such as laptops and projectors, to various classrooms. I used a WebCheck-out program, developed by ITDL, to schedule the presentations.

July 2006 – Oct. 2009 :
Customer Service Associate
160 N Gulph Rd, Ste 5000
King Of Prussia, PA 19406

Completing transactions was my main task. I assisted customers, on the floor, if they could not find the item they were looking for. I ordered items through the Catalog, if their desired items were not in the store. A touch screen computer was used to complete the transactions.

Additional Skills

I am an avid writer, starting at the age of 10. In the beginning, I wrote small poems about daily life, until a professor noticed my poetry and published my work online. I have written for local newspapers and other poetry websites, and have works on display, at a relative’s bookstore, in Claymont, DE.

Writing, in general, became a natural and pleasurable component of my life. In contradiction with most youth, “the art of papers” became a joy throughout my academic career, with professors forever praising my work. In search of a new hobby, I started a “blog” in summer 2009 with the name iSHiNE11.wordpress.com. What I thought would be something trivial became a sensation amongst “my readers” and gained much success in a sort amount of time. With appropriate accreditation to its sources, iSHiNE11.wordpress.com, now PammiePedia.com, reached its 10,000th view mark on March 25, 2010, and was once deemed a site of celebrity news for those with “little time.”

Between high school and my years at Saint Joseph’s University, I was placed in an advancing ranking of Spanish classes for 10 semesters (5 years). I am fluent in the language (better at reading Spanish than speaking Spanish), but I can understand an average conversation and challenge myself by reading Spanish text on a weekly basis.


2006 – 2007 :
National Honor Society


References available upon request.


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