My 42♥

March 31, 2010

Inspired by a Coldplay song

You think when she died
that she actually died?
Like…I know she stopped breathing
but maybe the breathing was all that humans were supposed to see;
just an artificial show, for loved ones to recognize that their love is gone,
but that doesn’t mean that she is dead.
How can one be dead
if they’re always on your mind?
I think about her everyday
like she’s sitting right next to me.
I have daily conversations with her
tell her when my Dad’s getting on my nerves
or when I blew a test.
She’s not dead
she can’t be;
she’s in my head, constantly.
I guess “angel” is the sweet way of looking at it
She’s my hear-and-now companion
I can’t feel her
but she’s in my mind
and I see her beautiful face everyday
She guides my daily decisions
and carries me
when the world makes me stumble
A hug would be nice
but her apartment in my mind is wayyy cooler

…Echo de menos la dulce alma lanzó♥
In my mind is where she’ll stay♥


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