Janet Jackson: Getting over Michael & “Why Did I Get Married Too?” premiere

March 24, 2010

Janet Jackson looks stunning in a baggy ensemble at the “Why Did Get Married Too?” premiere in New York (said via People, March 23).

The singer/actress noted that director Tyler Perry was graciously forgiving and at once stopped production after learning of her elder brother [Michael Jackson]’s passing, amidst filming (Click HERE for more info).

Perry is quoted in saying (via People) that Janet’s continuation of the project was one of the best things she could have done: I think that a lot of times, people are not able to release. They don’t have a way to let go. And that’s the great thing about having a film like this, where she got to do all of these crazy things. And I think all of [her] emotion is in the film, I really do.

“Why Did I Get Married Too?” premieres April 2 in theaters worldwide.


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