The Pregnant Man is pregnant a 3rd time

February 17, 2010

In 2007, a woman that surgically became a man shocked a worldwide audience after he and his wife decided to have children, he carrying the child.

Thomas Beatie, whom surgically became a man in all ways excluding reproductive organs, welcomed a daughter with his wife, Nancy, in June 2008. Months later, Beatie said in an ABC interview with Barbara Walters that he was pregnant again, this time birthing a boy in June 2009.

The news was a little less shocking yet intriguing as Momlogic and People.com announced that Beatie is pregnant for a third time and that the Beaties will continue to grow because the couple can reproduce. Nancy Beatie cannot bear children because of a hysterectomy and played a major part in Thomas’ decision to preserve his reproductive organs.

Beatie, internationally known as “The Pregnant Man,” described his previous 2 births as “natural births” and thought it best that Nancy nurse their newborns.


  1. EWWWWW Man Disgusting… How you wanna be a man but still wanna have a babie… for that matter WHY YOU WANNA CHANGE YA SEX… this guy bothers me… lol

  2. OOPS This Girl/Guy* Bothers me.

  3. We all know people that wish they were the opposite sex. This guy just took it to another level…then another level…and then over-exaggerated it LOL

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