Woods named Associated Press’ “Athlete of the Decade” with Divorce Pending

December 17, 2009

The Associated Press named Tiger Woods “Athlete of the Decade,” despite a recent scandal involving multiple mistresses, highlighted in late November by a mysterious car accident.

The 71-time PGA Tour winner—winning 6 times this year alone—may now be headed for a divorce from wife of 5 years and former Swedish model, Elin Nordegren.

In the early hours of November 27, 2 days after The National Inquirer published an article about Woods having a possible adulterous affair, Woods endured a car accident outside of his Florida mansion. It was reported that his wife found Woods unconscious in his SUV and broke him out of the vehicle with a golf club.

Media swirled around the incident in the days to follow, with multiple mistresses including Rachel Uchitel (named in the original Inquirer article) denouncing and announcing their presumed affairs with the all-star athlete. Woods nor his wife would talk to police about the incident unless coerced to do so.

Rumors arose that Woods had paid Nordegren $5 million to remain his wife and that he would pay her a great amount more if she stayed with him for an additional 5 years. None of this information was verified.

On December 11, Woods announced an indefinite leave from professional golf on his official website. He said that he would use the isolated time to focus on his family and himself.

Woods did admit, on his site, to committing adultery against his wife. He and Nordegren have two children together, Sam Alexis (2) and Charlie Axel (10 months).

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